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Poecilogale albinucha

Alt. Name: African striped weasel
Location: Mammifères et Oiseaux, Musem National d'Histoire Naturelle
Specimen ID: CG 1934-107

This is a scan of Poecilogale albinucha. Wild caught. If you use this scan in a study, paper: do not forget to acknowledge the collection (Mammifères et Oiseaux, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle), the curator (Géraldine Véron), and the ‘plate-forme de morphométrie’ of the UMS 2700 (CNRS, MNHN) for access to the surface scanner as well as myself for scanning (A.-C. Fabre). Furthermore, a final version of the publication using this scan must be send to Géraldine Véron (veron@mnhn.fr).
  • Peocilogale albinucha skull
    Peocilogale albinucha skull
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